About Ryan Hollis

About Ryan Hollis

I am an Army Veteran and a Father of 3 boys, living the dream "off the grid" on my 43ft Sailboat.

I am passionate about harnessing renewable energy and making an effort to reduce our "carbon footprint" on the Earth.

My job is to design & install a Solar Energy System for your home or business that will significantly reduce your electric bill and also make a significant contribution toward minimizing our global resource consumption.

Right now in 2020, I am extremely excited to be taking part in a Government Initiative Program that allows me help homeowners convert to Solar Energy at NO COST!

I am a local resident of Portsmouth and I work primarily in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

I can often turn applications around to you in 24 hours or less.


In an effort to conserve our natural resources and build toward a sustainable future, the United States Government has mandated that Energy Companies DOUBLE the amount of renewable energy resources on the Grid!

Who pays for these systems?
This is a partnership program between the Federal Government, State Governments, and power companies. My job is to navigate through all of the red tape and get a system designed for your home that will be 100% paid for by this program.

​Most homeowners qualify for this program, with only a few major contingencies that include: the location of your home, and credit score.

​To Apply for this Program, Please fill out the Application Form: